We sell a wide range of freestanding, inset, traditional and contempory stoves. We have both wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves, and models for smoke-control areas.

With stoves from Stovax, Yeoman and Dovre, we offer styles to suit all types of interiors, including double-sided stoves and cassette fireplaces.

Ranges and models include: Brunel, Huntingdon, Sheraton, Regency, Stockton, View, Riva, CL, Vintage, and Astroline.

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We supply the following products:

  • Stoves
  • Flue pipes
  • Flue lining
  • Stove and fireplace accessories
  • Parts and stove care products
  • Cleaning and maintenance products
  • Stove benches
  • Exceptional quality fire and tool sets
  • Fireplace tile surrounds

Stovax is the industry leader and has a range of premium quality cast iron and steel stoves that have been developed and manufactured to a high quality for over 30 years. Stovax stoves are expertly crafted; they use state of the art clean burning technology and the Airwash System to help keep the window clean, allowing you to enjoy the flames to the full. Stovax offers both woodburners and solid fuel options, and five-year casting warranty.

Fitting and installation

It is a requirement that all stoves be installed by an appropriately qualified HETAS approved installer.

Fuel / logs

For optimum results we recommend logs to be seasoned for two years or more to achieve moisture content below 20%.

We also supply firewood and seasoned logs. Please contact us for prices, availability and pack sizes.

What size stove will I need?

It is a legal requirement that all domestic heating appliances give details of the power output rating in kilowatts. The size of your room instigates what size stove is best for your home.

A guide to what you need is:

  • Small room: 5kw
  • Medium room: 6kw
  • Large room: 8kw

To get the exact heating value use the following calculation:

  1. Measure the length, width and height of your room (in metres).
  2. Multiply length x width x height, then divide this by 14.

Example: a room size of 5m x 6m x 3m would have a heating value requirement of 6.43kw.